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Jackson's arrival was even more unexpected, and what happened next might quite possibly have blown his mind. I do not own teen wolf blah blah. This story was planned to be a series of one-shots, but it's kind of evolved now.

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A Sluhs gets going hllls later chapters, so don't just think Slute all smut. Though there is lots of beautiful smut for you to enjoy. Enjoy it — lets be honest, who doesn't? Part I "Someone duckon me, I'm hhills tired. It had been a particularly gruelling lacrosse practice, made all the worse for Coach actually picking Stiles to play, something he was doing all the freaking time lately, forcing him up and down the field with what he thought were encouraging shouts, but in actuality just making Stiles feel worse for not being able to keep up with Scott and Jackson.

Stiles knew he should move, he had promised to drive Scott over to Allison's after the game, but he was just so tired that dicckon needed some time to recharge. I'm gonna be late. He could hear Danny explaining Slust change of plans to Scott as dickonn wiggled free of his shirt and shorts, keeping his Dating portals in india on to try and cover his semi hard dick; a locker room full dickn naked guys was the most inconvenient Slutz for a horny Stiles to i right now.

Humming tunelessly as he lathered himself dkckon body wash, Stiles thought about what it would be like to have sex with Danny. He didn't mean to think of Slufs friend like that, but it was pretty hard when he was the only gay guy he knew. He could feel his Sluts in dickon hills hardening under the hot spray of the shower diickon images of muscular chests, strong thighs, and stubbled cheeks flashed through his mind. The place was deserted, Stiles noted, as rickon peeped his head out from around the partition wall that hilla the changing and shower areas. His lip was clamped between dickoh top hille bottom teeth as he thought about what to do; it was pretty risking jerking off in the school showers, but that kind of made it even hotter.

Under the now lukewarm spray of water was as good as place as any, plus it would wash away any markers of his illicit activity. Not for the first time, Stiles reflected on how good it felt to jerk off, he could only imagine what sex was like, probably wonderful, amazing, mind blowing, all of the above. It wasn't like he meant to start thinking what he did next, he even felt a little guilty about it, but soon Danny's somewhat bulky frame morphed into that of his best friends. Stiles would never, ever tell Scott what he sometimes thought about when he was alone at night, the whole thing would pretty much destroy their friendship, but hey, he could still think it!

Besides, he had some pretty good material to work with. Being best friends with a guy for almost all your life gave you ample opportunity to admire him naked, he had only had a few fleeting glances, but the memory of walking in on Scott jacking off one day last summer was firmly engrained in his mind, often used when Stiles was fantasising about him. I thought everyone was gone. His embarrassed cheeks got even redder as he took in the naked, glorious body of the co-captain, who was making no move to cover his very impressive dick, sitting semi-hard between his muscled thighs.

He couldn't tear his eyes off the thing, sure he had snuck a few glances in Jackson's direction, how could he not?! But he had never been so turned on by the sight of him. The jocks arrogance had always been a turn off for Stiles, but right now he couldn't imagine anything better than being pushed around by Jackson, hopefully as that glorious manhood was pushed inside him. He didn't know what to do now that he had found Stiles invading his own oasis. He always came to the showers after practice, the sport got his blood pumping, got him turned on, made him need a release. How far has your bromance gone? It almost hit the floor as Jackson punched the silver button and stepped under the spray of water next to Stiles.

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