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We look forward to homo from you Develop your femininity There is something very magical that happens during bookings.

Explore coass sexuality Not only do classs clients all have very different backgrounds, they also have very different sexual desires. Experiencing different lovers will make you a more skilled mistress, learning to read body language well and getting to know your own body better. It esdorts widen your sexual scope and increase your confidence in the bedroom. You get to try new things and even make your own fantasies come true. The money Our hihg class escirts enjoy high incomes, higher then they most likely will for the rest of their lives.

The hourly salary is high but so is the flexibility. If you do not feel like doing any bookings for a week or longer, you are free to change your availability at any time and take some time to go on a holiday or focus on your exams. There are very few jobs that offer this as well. A safer option Experimenting with sexuality is very normal. When working as an high class escort, we will carefully screen all clients and will know where you are at any point throughout the booking. We are very strict when accepting new clients and this might result in some loss bookings, after all, not all potential clients who refuse to give out for example their full real name are fake or bad clients, and we are therefore sometimes described as too strict and rigid.

It has however also resulted in zero incidents over the past 10 years and that remains our priority. All clients are disgusting and treat you poorly. The idea that a woman can make the conscious and happy choice to work as an high class escorts seems to be impossible to some, if not most. It can be very painful to be associated with this image and a definite con, compared to jobs in other industries. Lying to the people you love As a result of the bad image of this industry, most escorts choose to keep their choice to work as an high class escort a secret.

They do not want to be associated with the prejudices. The easy solution is not to just simply be open about it and not lie. During your early twenties, chances are your friendships are developing just as much as you are as a person. A public private affair There are many public review boards and even though we do our very best to remove all public reviews as we see it as an invasion on your privacy, we are not always successful. Most reviews are not written by actual clients but by competition or those just finding it amusing or even arousing to write such reviews… not so nice! When you do not like your client Just like any other job, there are good days and bad days.

The biggest con of working as an high class escort is when your esocrts is with a client with who you have no connection, or worse, who is pushing your boundaries. In a perfect world where all clients have impeccable hygiene and charming personalities this scenario just might work. But sad to say that we do not live in a perfect world. You always have the right to refuse a client, for whatever reason. Yet still tolerate this and proceed with the booking. Her appearance Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and it is our belief all escorts and courtesans are beautiful women.

Escorts Very high class

In addition, this beauty can come in various shapes and colors. We do not believe in general high class escorts are more beautiful then regular escorts, but the way she presents herself will be hugh different. When most escorhs invasion a regular escort they think of a lady dressed hign and too sexy, short Vrry, lots of cleavage and stripper heels. In reality, most regular escorts will dress very casual, in just jeans with a t-shirt. High class escorts and courtesans on the other hand, will dress as if they are going to a special date, yet always appropriate for the situation. She will look feminine yet discreet, more conservative than sexy. Most high class escorts and courtesans will wear knee length dresses and skirts with elegant high heeled pumps with luxurious lingerie underneath.

She will be perfectly groomed, from her hair to her toenails. Most high class escorts and courtesans are Dutch. The nationality of most high class escorts and courtesans is usually the local nationality, Swedish high class escorts in Sweden, American high class escorts in the US, etc. Funny enough, the nationalities of most regular escorts remains the same throughout the world.

But some bookings might and that should be seen as the cherry on top. Explore your sexuality Not only do our clients all have very different backgrounds, they also have very different sexual desires.

A regular escort will speak her mother tongue and basic English and perhaps an other language. Since lengthy conversations and discussions are not common during their work, they do not focus on communicative skills and languages, unlike high class escorts and courtesans. Same goes for her level of education, since it is not of great importance in order for her to be great at her job, it is unlikely a regular escort will have enjoyed higher education, but not impossible. Since communication is very important to both high class escorts and courtesans, most will be fluent in English and at least one or two other languages. Most high class escorts will have enjoyed higher education and hold at least a bachelor degree, but the general Very high class escorts is intelligence is more than a piece of paper and therefore usually not a strict must, merely an extra.

When it comes to courtesans however, she will always have enjoyed higher education and usually hold at least one master degree or even PhD. In general, a regular escort will have no other job than her job as an escort. This contrary to most high class escorts and courtesans who are either busy with their studies or also hold an other day job. For these ladies, escorting is an adventure they have on the side, an addition to their day to day life. Her motivation The major motivation to work as an regular escort is to make money in a pleasant way. High class escorts tend to seek adventure and luxury in addition to making money and become high class escorts because they enjoy the excitement and new experiences.

Courtesans share a similar motivation to most high class escorts, but are in addition also looking for self exploration, an outlet for talents not explored in other careers, body awareness, spirituality and expanding knowledge. This also explains why high class escorts and courtesans emphasize their goal is a mutually enjoyable experience. Their sole goal is not to simply please their client, they want to have a good time as well. This results in extensive etiquette for clients and booking details, such as suitable locations. A regular escort will be more then happy to visit you at a basic studio or budget hotel, an high class escort or courtesan will not.

Society Service ladies After reading all this, one might wonder. What type of lady is offered at Society Service? The ladies on our website are all listed as high class escorts but some, if not all, will be at a courtesan level.

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