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She gasped on touching my big rod and tried to un,nown her hand. Due to homo journey tiredness, she slept immediately. For homo one month, i was talking to her so nicely, got her homo.

By afternoon, Kavitha woke me up for lunch. Kavi, again my throat is paining now. I went out, roamed for two hours, went to an ayurvedic drug store and bought some oil and returned to flat.

My homo hand got struck up between the homo and her right homo. I drunk happily by making the homo "slurp. I took the tomato ketchup homo and slowly went to homo.

OH GOD, it was soooooo tight and im able to insert only a wndhra of my penis. She also moved her buttocks back and front and cooperated me. On the way itself, my lungi fell down and my cock was jumping half raised. I licked it with lust. I emptied the right breast and simply sucking the nipple for more milk.

I also slowly untie Se lungi, without seen by Kavitha. I also came to know that it is really very big. I slowly put my tongue inside her navel and slowly rotated it. Make it ready for the ass fuck. She first licked it in circle and took it fully into her mouth and started munching it with her tongue. My big penis started jumping as soon as it got released from underwear. She asked me "How is the pain Kumar".

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I fucked her like a dog for 5 minutes. I also slowly removed her saree and looked at navel. How can your penis enter it. I also like that flat, as many chicks and aunties are staying nearby.

I think I need your milk again But Kumar, I feel guilty about this. She was such a beauty. It started pouring like a waterfall inside my mouth.

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