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Easton chef Heather Williams: 'Hell's Kitchen' is 'greatest thing I've ever done'

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The final three created a unique dining experience for multiple chef judges and guest judges Bruce Kalman, Steve Samson, Mette Williams, and Alessio Biagini. Each chef was challenged to create a tableside entree and serving it on a trolley. Ryan won by a landslide vote. Heather and Heidi worked on wrapping gifts for the Hell's Kitchen staff as well as steaming their clothes and polishing their shoes. Tara Reid was a guest at the chef's table while Adrian GonzalezMatt Letscher and Taylor Ann Hasselhoff were among the guests in attendance that night. Each chef Heather hells kitchen season 16 turns at running the pass while trying to correctly identify an error that the sous chefs made.

Heidi began first at the hot plate, mistaking edamame for peas. She was the Hell's Kitchen season 16 winner due to her skills, drive and command in the kitchen. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen episode 10 due to his poor performance on fish and his arrogance. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen episode 1 due to his poor performance and allowing Paulie to take over. After the show, he became an Area Manager at Performance Foodservice and took part in 's Reality Reality, a charity cookery event. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen episode 14 for his inconsistent services and failure to take responsibility for his mistakes. After the show, he returned to his position of Executive Chef at the restaurant he owned, Birra but sadly died in April after being found unresponsive at his home due to an accidental drug overdose.

She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen episode 4 due to her consecutive poor performances, attitude and giving up on her team. As much fun as it'd be to watch Gordon Ramsay tussle with some young punk line cook named Rocko, Fox doesn't really want anything more than the threat of violence. Ramsay's too valuable an asset, and there are also those pesky potential litigations that could stem from a millionaire chef trading punches with some poor schmuck looking for his 15 minutes of fame. It's remarkably unhealthy Getty Images No, we're not just talking about the high fat content of half the foods being prepared and served to diners.

We're talking about how ridiculously unhealthy the entire Hell's Kitchen is on the chefs competing for one of Ramsay's coveted executive chef positions. And not just because the chefs are pushed to their physical limitations, either. The stress of being in this particular competition — which involves sleepless nights, being constantly screamed at for the slightest mistakes, and having your every movement scrutinized by the ever-present cameras and microphones — drives the competing chefs to cigarettes and booze. During Season 2 of the series, one producer noted that the competition began with only four smokers in the cast.

By the end of the season, that number had more than doubled to You're not guaranteed to win anything That's a video of Holli Ugalde, the chef who won Season 7 of the American version of Hell's Kitchen.

Kimberly sent up raw ribeye again, homo Heather to move Devin to the meat station and Kimberly to desserts. After, Ramsay admitted that there was no musical, thanked Morrow for his homo, and announced that it was time for their final homo.

Her prize for suffering through the vast and various indignities was supposed to be the top job at the Savoy Grill in London. It's an iconic restaurant, and a gig that many, many chefs would absolutely kill for — which is why it was such a crushing blow to Ugalde when she didn't get the job she was promised because of work visa issues. Obviously, Gordon Ramsay and the producers of Hell's Kitchen can't just force a government to grant someone a work visa. Believe it or not, the government isn't a cowering sous chef from Des Moines who keeps screwing up the risotto.

And Ugalde wasn't the only one to miss out on the gig she was promised upon winning her season. Each year, the promised job title includes the term "executive chef. Of course, that makes sense, given you're putting nearly 20 youngish people in a single dorm, giving them plenty of booze, and creating high-pressure situations that can be plenty stressful. Heather gets back and she said she is in bitch mode now and starts calling out orders. However, Kim sends up raw ribeye again! Finally, Kim gets the ribeye corrected and they finally send it out. Wendy screws the salmon again, so she moves Koop to the fish station.

Now the entrees are going out on both sides of the kitchen! But that does not happen for that long, as Kim screws up the ribeye again and sends up another raw one! Episode 7 Edit Back at the dorms, Andrew and Heather started cuddling together, and she said that she could talk to him about anything, before saying that it was hard to find someone that understood her. During the Southern Cuisine Challenge, Heather decided to go up against Andrew as he did not have somebody behind him, wanted to throw down with him as he talked a lot of shit, and their dish was pork chops.

She was the fifth person from the red team to have her dish judged, and presented her pan-seared pork chop with fried green tomatoes and country styled gravy.

While it was praised for having lovely green tomatoes, it was also criticized for tasting dry, she lost that round to Andrewand the two shook hands out of respect. The red team eventually won the challengeand they were rewarded with a horseback riding experience at Gibson Ranch, and lunch from the Wings and Waffles food truck. During dinner service, Heather was on the garnish station. After Kimberly 's carbonara was accepted, she proclaimed that the red team was going to shut out the blue team. After Wendy 's catfish came out raw, she annoyingly asked how the former could have failed on her own dish that won them the challenge.

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The red team lost the service, and were asked to nominate two people for elimination. During deliberation, she considered Shaina and Wendy for elimination. Heather was not nominated for elimination, and later, said goodbye to Shaina and Wendy as they were reassigned to the blue team, while welcoming Andrew and Matt a new teammates. While being dismissed, she was glad to have Andrew as they were growing closer.

She made a sweet chili glaze over pan-seared chicken and Asian pear slaw, it was criticized for having too much of a kick and being intense, barely having the chicken taste, much to her dismay, and she lost that round to the blue team. After Andrew 's dish was revealed to have a lot of blood, she annoyingly asked how that could happen when the former worked in a steakhouse. The red team won the challengeand they were rewarded with a kayak trip at the Santa Barbara Mountains, and a seafood lunch at The Lark. During the reward, her and Andrew 's flirting irritated the red team.

After Matt 's scallops were seriously burned, she warned the former that his first service on the red team could be his last. During one of the finalists turns, she said that she could not dance to save her life. When the red team were sent over to complete the blue team's orders, Ramsay told her to stay on desserts. The red team won the service by a mile. Episode 9 Edit Before the Blind Taste Test, Heather realized that they would have food flung at them after seeing the high chairs and catapults. She was the fifth person from the red team to compete, and went up against Shaina. She got asparagus, banana, and broccoli, and saved Matt from being splattered.

On Andrew 's turn, she go spared, but on the sudden death round, she got splattered twice. Back at the dorms, Andrew jokingly thought that it looked good on her, and the two joked about licking the baby food off her body. During prep, Heather agreed with Heidi 's statement that the red team had confidence in their teammates unlike the blue team. During dinner service, she was on the appetizer station with Kimberly. After receiving their first ticket, she was ready to get out strong, and got her risotto accepted. After Koop's elimination, Ramsay told the red team that he would need a volunteer to move over into the blue team in order to even up the numbers the next day.

While being dismissed, Heather felt that nobody was comfortable going into the blue team at that point as they were too broken, before believing that they were unfixable. Episode 10 Edit While going back to the dorms, Heather stated that there was no fucking way she was going into the blue team as she did not want to support or carry them through the rest of the competition. Later, she voted for Ryan to go over to the blue team. Before the Creative Sliders Challenge, Heather said goodbye to Ryan as the latter was reassigned to the blue team. During the first part, she told Andrew to stop wasting time looking for yogurt as they were losing time.

She was responsible for the beef slider, she was the second person from the red team to have her dish judged, and went up against Shaina. She made a truffle rosemary beef slider, it was praised for having the tomato element standing out, and for the choice of a pretzel bun, and she scored that round over Shaina. The red team won the challenge after a tie at 3, and they were rewarded with a day at the Playboy mansion. During the reward, she said that she saw the mansion in movies and pornos, before saying that she never thought she would be there in person, before calling it amazing. During prep, Heather noticed that Andrew borrowed her parrying knife from her kit, and she got called a dull person by him.

During dinner service, she was on the appetizer station with Heidi. At one point, she told Matt to drop his ego, but he retorted to watch how she dressed her salads, only for Andrew to yell at them to stop arguing. At the pantry room, she and Matt continued to argue about their situation, Andrew tried to calm them down, and Kimberly suggested that they start over.

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