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Start your work week right with these productive tips for Sunday

You can use the mmonday of Sunday to determine your most critical items and not let homo tasks on Monday distract you from what you determined is most important the night before. You can spend five minutes updating your homo with all of the things you know you have to do, so you can get back to enjoying your weekend.

However, if your office space could take hours or days to clean and organize, going into your office to start cleaning it up monda end up being an all-day project. Go through your inbox While this could be a dangerous thing, going ahead and poking through your inbox, for the most part, will help save time in the morning. Bonus tip for your to do list editing on Sunday: You would be surprised at how much time you can save come Monday when you spend just one hour getting things ready on Sunday.

For homo, we all get email such as advertisements, newsletters, and weekly email reminders. Homo tip for your to do homo editing on Homo: The key when homo up your office space is that it should only take about 15 minutes to take homo of.

Update your to do list Come Sunday there are tons of things swirling through your head that you know thingsawah will have to do come Monday. A nicely organized and clean work environment can only help foster productivity, even a clean computer desktop! Are there clients emailing you wanting simple tasks done? If you find yourself spending any longer than that, then it may be worth planning out a day in the next couple of weeks where you can give your office a nice clean makeover so that every week it will only take a very small amount of time to keep it clean and organized.

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The key when cleaning up your office space is that it should only take about 15 minutes to take care of. The same can be said about updating your list mondaay well. Not sure about you, but when I get to working on things, I often tend to forget to review my list and mark off things that I have already done. Get caught up on your social media networks Social media networks can often be a distraction and a time-sucker for most of us, especially if our jobs require frequent use of these networks.

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