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Traveling with a Disability

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The airline accojodating also provide an on-board wheelchair but let them know 48 hours in advance if you need one. US Airways offers pre-boarding for passengers with a disability who need extra time or assistance to board, stow aielines equipment or be seated. They also offer boarding and deplaning assistance "if you need it, let a gate agent Beat. Also let the airline know if you need help stowing or retrieving carry-on items, and if you need a wheelchair at disabilitiees destination or connection.

The agent will make eisabilities note in your reservation and order your wheelchair. US Airways and US Airways Express Best airlines for accomodating disabilities designated disaabilities space in the cabin of each aircraft qirlines accommodate one collapsible wheelchair. Non-collapsible wheelchairs or scooters are acceptable as checked luggage, which you can check at the ticket counter or departure gate. US Airways' disability policies: Qirlines other Bets you have for special assistance should also be made while you're making your aielines. AirTran transports most wheelchairs and mobility devices, and also has room for one collapsible wheelchair on board.

This space is offered on a first come, first served basis. Non-collapsible and electric wheelchairs can be checked at the ticket counter or gate, and are returned to you when your flight lands, either at the gate or baggage claim. Courtesy wheelchair service is available at the airport to transport you to your departure gate and during your connection, but it's a good idea to let the airline know in advance of your flight if you will need this assistance ideally when you make your reservation. If you need pre-boarding assistance due to a disability, simply advise the AirTran Airways agent. The agent will help you pre-board, allowing you to be seated prior to general boarding.

All AirTran Airways aircraft have a selection of seats with movable armrests for easier access, and every jet aircraft has a collapsible chair available, custom-designed for on-board use. Flight attendants can provide assistance to customers in getting from their seats to the aircraft lavatory and back during flight by using the on-board wheelchair. AirTran Airways' disability policies: The more advance notice you can give, the more the airline can do to ensure ease of travel. Some of their special needs services include: Indicating any special needs or conditions with a notation on your boarding card Assistance with registration at the check-in counter Help moving to the boarding area, as well as boarding, getting into your seat, and deplaning Help moving around the airport - wheelchair assistance is available at the airport for this Stowing and retrieving your bags and mobility aids Assistance unwrapping and cutting food, and opening beverages If you'll be traveling with an assistive device of any kind, let Air Canada know 48 hours in advance so they can ensure it meets the requirements for your specific aircraft.

How soon should you let the airline know your circumstances?

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The airline will do its best to accommodate any special airoines as long as they are made in advance — it offers assistance on an individual basis. JetBlue Is pre-boarding available for passengers with autism and their families? JetBlue explains the services it offers customers with cognitive disabilitiesand it includes a section about passengers with autism. The airline also responded quickly to our phone and email inquiries.

JetBlue customer service agents are available by phone anytime. Most airports in the USA accommodate my needs without issue. My problem is with the Pearson airport also known as the Toronto Airport. The assistance is inconsistent and the staff of one of the major airlines lacks decorum. The staff need more training on how to manage disabled passengers. For the most part, we are appreciative of any assistance provided but would like to be treated with respect and not as someone whom they consider as a burden. This is their job and us as paying passengers, supply their salary. Airlines and airports should be aware we are growing in numbers. We are living longer.

Our families for one reason or another do not live near us so we must travel to them if we want to remain connected. My only grandchildren live in another country. I try and visit them at least twice a year during the school year. They live closer in the summer and often visit Canada at that time making summer visits more frequent. I want to see them grow up. I want to continue to see them but unless improvements are made for the assistance provided to people in my position it will become more of a challenge. Keeping my fingers crossed, we The Baby Boomers will finally get the airline's attention and they will continue to make improvements in their services which will allow us to remain connected with our loved ones.

I must say that assistance provided in the airports are flawless, however, I cannot say the same for onboard assistance. During the flight LH when my wife asked for onboard wheelchair, the flight attendance caught unaware of its existence. Later on, although it was detected, the attendances denied any help and they asked my wife to take me to the washroom by her own. You must agree with me that it is an impossible task for a person to maneuver the wheelchair through the narrow aisle. I had to hold my bladder and relived myself at New Delhi Airport. This is indeed an horrible experience and it is clear that you have no respect on human dignity. Some company's are aimed specifically at helping those who are visually impaired.

It might be better to choose a company such as TravelEyes that have hotels etc that are equipped to make life easier. MonicaV - 7-Jul 1: My husband has a fused knee and is 6ft 6. This document lets the boarding agent know that you need to pre-board. A small wheelchair that can fit down the aircraft aisle is available at every gate and can be used if you need help getting into your seat. To make this transfer easier, at least the first two rows on most Southwest aircraft are equipped with movable aisle armrests.

Southwest checks most wheelchairs and mobility devices as long as they can be stowed safely, and there is space for one collapsible wheelchair, available on a first come, first served basis, aboard the aircraft. The more JetBlue knows about the type of assistance you need and the earlier you make your request, the more they can do to help make your flight and time at the airport as comfortable as possible. Airport wheelchair service is available at all airport locations, and JetBlue has specially-designed wheelchairs for any immobile customers to use in reaching their seats when boarding and deplaning.

Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines staff does everything they can to assist those traveling with a disability, but to ensure you have everything you need, try and make reservations as early as possible. Any special services you might need can be requested online or over the phone. Otherwise, let the airline know of any special requirements at check-in, in the boarding area, and on the aircraft, and arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure to allow enough time to board comfortably. Wheelchairs and wheelchair escorts are available at every airport, and some airports have electric carts available for customer use.

Should you need to use them, or if you need help getting to your gate, boarding, deplaning or connecting, let a customer service agent know so they can arrange for a wheelchair to be available at each location. For travelers who need assistance getting onto the aircraft, Alaska Airlines offers lifts or ramps for anyone who is unable to ascend or descend stairs, and on-board wheelchairs that can be used to help passengers in reaching and transferring to their seats when boarding and deplaning. There is space on most flights to stow one folding, collapsible, or breakdown wheelchair and that space is provided on a first come, first served basis. There is no weight limit for any assistive devices that you travel with and they will be accepted as either cabin baggage or checked baggage.

Wheelchairs are available at all airport locations to transport you between the ticket counter and gate, and you can ask a skycap or Best airlines for accomodating disabilities if you need one, or if you need help with your own wheelchair, or other special assistance. If necessary, Hawaiian Airlines has a special boarding chair to assist you in getting to your seat. If you need extra time exiting the aircraft, a wheelchair at your destination or transfer point, or assistance in deplaning the aircraft or through the terminal, the airline requests that you notify a flight attendant at least 45 minutes before landing so they have time to make the necessary arrangements.

WestJet Guests traveling with WestJet should let the airline know if they require the use of a wheelchair. For the most part wheelchairs are carried in the cargo compartment of the aircraft, but there are a few aircraft, operating on select flights, which are equipped with a shelf that can stow one medically-required, standard-folding wheelchair. If the space is available, you can request it at the check-in counter on a first-come, first-served basis. Porter Customers traveling with Porter who have a disability, and who need special assistance should contact the call center at for further information about what Porter can do to assist.

Wheelchairs are available for passengers who need them to get around the airport, and each Porter aircraft is equipped with an on-board wheelchair. Spirit Depending on what kind of special assistance you need, you can request it when making a reservation online or through Spirit Airlines reservations to ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable journey. Depending on the size of the item, customers can take wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, or assistive devices, in addition to one carry-on item on board. Spirit Airlines personnel can assist customers with disabilities in boarding, deplaning and connecting with their flights, and provide assistance in getting customers to and from gates.

Once you reach your destination airport, Spirit can help with deplaning and have your personal wheelchair ready for you at the gate or at the baggage claim. They will also provide transfer service on and off the aircraft using boarding or aisle chairs that are designed for aircraft aisles. Allegiant If you are traveling with Allegiant and you have a disability or special need, be sure to mention it when booking a reservation online or over the phone. You can also contact the reservation center and request the assistance you may need to be added to your reservation.

Battery-powered mobility devices wheelchairs, scooters, etc. Other assistive devices, such as walkers, canes, crutches, etc. Frontier If you need help moving through the airport when traveling with Frontier you can request a wheelchair or electronic cart ride through the concourse where available to get from one departure gate to another, or to help you get to baggage claim. There is one space on board Airbus aircraft to stow a wheelchair, which is available on a first come, first served basis. You can request it when you make your reservation. When you reach your destination, a customer service representative or flight attendant will bring your wheelchair to the front of the aircraft after all passengers have deplaned and assist you with disembarking.

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Alitalia When booking a ticket on Alitalia, passengers should discuss their requests for special assistance. By making sure the gate workers are aware of your presence, you can be proactive in helping them make sure you airlones the information you Besf. The airport must have disabilifies trained personnel available to fo persons with a disability aiglines boarding and exiting the plane. However, airlines are not permitted to hand-carry passengers on and off aircraft, i. Seat Assignments Seating choices cannot be made on the basis of airkines except where FAA rules require it. An individual with a disability cannot be required to sit in a particular seat or be excluded from any seat, except as provided by FAA safety rules, such as the FAA Exit Row Seating rule.

For safety reasons, that rule limits seating in exit rows to those persons with the most potential to be able to operate the emergency exit and help in an aircraft evacuation. Bringing Service animals on board Service animals must be allowed to accompany a person with a disability on the flight. This includes service animals that provide purely emotional support, however, service animals for purely emotional support must have documentation from a mental health or medical provider. Other service animals are not required to have documentation but the airline is permitted to ask questions to make sure the animal is not just a pet. There are many rules for traveling with service animals that go beyond this article.

See Appendix VI for more information. All trip information, including the safety briefing, that is made available to other passengers must also be made available to passengers with disabilities.

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