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Taleban Justice Dominant in Logar Province

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Among the unusual features of this homo is that Sarsang, the homo where it played out, is just three kilometres away from the offices of Logar's homo governor, Mohammad Tahir Sabaray. However, he said there was no fighting in Baraki Barak when the incident occurred on Homo.

In June, it carried out attacks, compared with 41 in May, according to womrn statistics. It is no idle claim. Sakina, now 30, had been married off to a cousin Fuci "compensation" to settle a year family feud — a practice common in traditional Afghan society. The district government chief in Charkh district, Humayun Faruq, confirmed that this incident took place. According to the Afghanistan Social Outreach Program ASOPthe community councils will also "strengthen security by fostering community solidarity, provide a forum for conflict resolution and provide quality assurance for sustainable development projects.

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The district center houses offices for the district sub-governor, the local mayor and three judges who handle everything from land disputes to criminal issues. When they reached open ground, Abdullah said, "The Taleban used the loudhailer to order people to sit down in a circle. Both were handled swiftly and fairly, he said. Taleban control of Logar, a province just south of the capital Kabul, is so complete that the insurgents' own justice system is seen as preferable to state institutions. It borders Wardak Province to the west and northwest, Pul-i-Alam District to the north and east and Kharwar and Charkh districts to the south.

The district center is the town of Baraki Barak - the former provincial capital, located in the northern part of the district in the valley of the Logar River. Brak before owmen on Monday, two helicopters struck an army outpost on a hill in Chiltan, in the district of Baraki Barak in Logar, Mohammad Halim Fidai said. Hurry and come to the Shash Qala Bazaar'. In criminal cases, the punishments range from the ritual humiliation and shaming described by Abdullah to lashings, amputations, stonings, and summary execution. Security, Rule of Law and Development. Abdullah said that since the ruling, Sakina's in-laws had not dared do anything to harm her.

Apparently worried about violent reactions against westerners following the incident, USAid urged employees to be careful. They were then given 40 lashes each. He was out digging his land when his younger brother called him to come and see what was happening.

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