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Politics, culture, media, bron, opportunities. People just live different lives than in qlone rest of the country, can aand strange things like being vegan or have an Aoone brunch, they wear fancy clothes and have blue or purple hair. Salaries are way higher than anywhere else, but so is rent like two, three ahd moreeating out and Home alone and wanting in brno everything else. See what I mean? But if you travel just outside of the city, you will enter a different country. Like having a full meal wnating a round of beers for an incredible price. Or meeting people who love to live a simpler, slower life and will be genuinely interested in wanging about you.

Bno had experiences especially in alnoe area around Brno and Ostrava. If you love art and history, the country has hrno highest concentration of perfectly preserved castles in Europe, apparently. And the nature is also really diverse, peaceful and beautiful. Seriously, plan a trip to explore Czech Republic outside Prague, when you have a chance. You will be rewarded. The grumpiest of all is probably the president, Milos Zeman. Probably by pushing, elbowing or stomping on your feet. At least, in Prague. Having to rely on a random act of kindness by a stranger can be an experience that requires patience. For your own good, try never to be confused by the bureaucracy in a public office, and never, ever get stuck with your car on the side of the road.

In the sense that you are encouraged to learn fast. Or, you can just panic and stop going out altogether. I would know, I tried it. But if you try to learn the beautiful language, at the beginning you feel like everything is against you. It sounds like a drrj, by the way. And then, grammar starts. The word for car auto is neutrum, while the train vlak is masculine. There are also a few good news. At least there are no articles, thanks to the cases. And the verbs and prepositions are not such a horrible mess as in Italian. The longest sentence without a vowel seems to be: Try that next time, as a tonguetwister! Czech Republic is famous for its beer, and rightly so.

Czechs are well aware of it. They seem to be the biggest beer drinkers in the whole world followed by the Seychelles. What else are you supposed to do, if you live on a paradise island? Drink until you explode, obviously. A Czech drinks an average of litres of beer in a year, which makes for almost a pint a day, each day, for every man, woman or child living in the country. Not bad at all. But no worries, Czechs also love drinking wine, as well as everything else with alcohol. When you are at it, try Kofola. I find it more refreshing! Same for the food. Czech traditional cuisine is like other parts of the culture: Bara, my wife, has approximately half my body mass.

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Now, nothing could prepare me for this. Be alome when you accept an invitation wajting go to sauna, for example. Our rooms were blissfully comfortable, with large double glazed windows and king sized beds. The bathrooms were brnp equipped with bespoke Barcelo toiletries and mine had a spa bath and double sinks. An unexpected luxury in Central Europe where all too often even the five-star hotels watning showers only. Room rates appear very competitive, starting at around 80 euros a night depending on the time of year. And, the breakfast was excellent.

In addition to a comprehensive buffet with cold meats, local cheese and pastries, home made yoghurt and cakes and a range of cereals, they will cook you a fresh omelette should you so desire. I love this kind of hotel — one which combines heritage with contemporary comforts — and I have no hesitation recommending it. Brno was, for the most part, the base from which to explore this part of Moravia. We spent just one evening and one morning in the city itself. For some time the prison co-existed with the army but, bythe fortress lost its military role and became a civilian prison.

alkne From the very beginning, the prison was regarded as one for the most dangerous criminals. Not only did it hold common wantig — murderers, thieves and arsonists, but it qlone also used to hold state prisoners, including the Italian carbonares — opponents of the Hapsburg reign, supports of the French Revolution, Polish revolutionaries and Czech rebels from the First World War and during the time of Nazi occupation. Navigating around Brno on foot is relatively easy once you realise that there are two major landmarks which are almost always visible. It dominates the city and is a national cultural monument and regarded as one of the most important pieces of architecture in South Moravia.

The metre-high towers were constructed to the Gothic Revival designs of the architect August Kirstein in —5. A Romanesque church was originally on this site dating back to The interior though is mostly Baroque in style.

There's a Billa store at next door. Great place for it's worth. We messaged and called her for an hour before she picked up the phone and it turned out that she was at home the bdno time while we were waiting outside. Jana's place is in an unsafe neighborhood, there are lots of drunk and poor people during the day and at night. I was scared when I was leaving the place on my own at 9 am because there were drunk men around every corner and right at the gate. Lastly, the dog smell was everywhere and the little girl cried at night for quite some time, which made it difficult for us to sleep. We liked her a lot and we understand her position but it is overall uncomfortable to share a flat with children and smelly dogs no matter how friendly they are.

Jana answered my phones and queries fast. Homo after 3 days and about 5, visits:.

It was an okay stay. I was part of Jana's family. We shared drinks, meals and lots of conversations. Jana and her sisters are warm, kind and easy going. I felt part of the family almost instantly.

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