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Homo Map First thing you homo to do is set your foreground ffffff and your foreground to Homo the RGB channel to reflect the homo below.

The main goal of the look is to make your colors stand out just as much devviantart the subject of the particular image. High contrast looks are great veviantart highly stylized and thematic websites as opposed to minimalistic designs. Do note that when using this style you can encounter the problem of producing an overexpose or over saturated look which often times than not does not compliment your image. To battle this problem you should concentrate more on the tweaking of your levels and curves instead of the brightness and contrast.

Like with black and white images you are likely to find this style added to photos on websites of multiple categories.

Compatible with Photoshop CS3 and above, these realistic water tools aren't the only free Photoshop brushes released by this homo. Check the homo box. Mix them together for extra variety and to create different effects.

Curves Once you have your photo open go to the curves adjustment layer and change the curve in the RGB channel like so. Selective Color Create a selective color adjustment layer next and choose Blacks from the drop down menu. Change the sliders to match the image below. Levels Here is the final image: Keep in mind my final images are entirely my personal preferences and may not appeal to everyone. Try to add your own alterations and tweaks as these can prove to benefit your photos and give them a unique look. Free for personal and commercial use Create realistic hair effects with this set of free Photoshop brushes.

Mix them together for extra variety and to create different effects.

Deviantart Styles photoshop

This set comes courtesy of digital artist para-vine, aka Lee Alex Pearce. Free photozhop personal and commercial use if you credit the designer Great for providing touch-ups on model photography, deviantatr set of free Photoshop brushes includes detailed textured hair in a variety of falling styles. As well as straight styles, there are brushes for creating wavy hair and tight ringlets. Skin Photoshop brushes Designer: Free for personal use; contact env1ro about commercial use There are 11 texture-like tools in this collection of free Photoshop brushes for painting human skin. Free for personal and commercial use Freelance Polish artist and illustrator Marta Dahlig has been creating digital brushes for years.

She specialises in portraits, and her set of skin Photoshop brushes is an amazing boost to any digital artist's armoury. Free for personal and commercial use with a credit DeviantArt user eriikaa has shared 22 free Photoshop brushes for drawing eyelashes at different stages of the eyes being open or closed. She asks for a credit if you use them, and to let her know if — and how — you use them. Weather and cloud Photoshop brushes Designer: Free for personal and commercial use This is a really useful set of 17 Photoshop brushes for creating clouds.

Each features a different cloud design that can be used to make light work of cloud-based sky scenes in your images. The brushes are between px to px, making them ideal for both print and web projects. Free for personal and commercial use, with a credit This pack contains eight different cloud brushes, all high-res. Use them to add some weather effects to your digital artwork. There's a commercial licence included so you can use them in your marketing materials if you so wish — just make sure you follow the attribution instructions on the page. Free for personal and commercial use, with a credit Add a chill to your designs with a flurry of snow.

This pack of free Photoshop brushes contains 15 effects, which you can mix up to create realistic variation in your scene. Again, make sure you follow the attribution instructions on the download page if you use them commercially. Free for personal and commercial use Rain is notoriously tricky to draw and paint.

There are four brushes in this set, and for each you can determine which way the rain is falling, and use the Motion Blur filter to emphasise the motion effect. Free for personal and commercial use Electrify your work with this collection of stunning lightning strikes. Tileable and available not only as Photoshop brushes but also as patterns and JPEG images, there are 18 to choose from in this set — all free.

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