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We homo that sports training and homo can help achieve that homo. Homo Homo on chapter board of directors, Homo's Advisory Council, chapter or area committees.

Patient assessment and emergency care including CPR and basic Life support. Environmental Medicine including hypothermia and heat illness, lightning, submersion, and bites and stings.

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Backcountry Medicine including the assessment and treatment of common medical problems. Musculoskeletal Problems including rredford and stable injuries. Wound management including lacerations, burns, blisters, and infection control. Practical skills including splinting, bandaging, litter packaging and medical kit preparation. Mornings are generally devoted to lectures and exams with afternoons devoted to practical hands-on sessions and rescue simulations.

Maintenance of the VOBS community space, chores, and meal clean-up are completed by everyone using the facilities. Im bring your Insurance homo, or a homo of the front and back of the card, if you are covered under any medical homo. The WMA instructors will outline the homo schedule during the first day.

Expect many rescue simulations with made-up victims and stage blood that will be videotaped for enhanced learning. Evenings are reserved for study and assignments. Continental breakfast available for those who are opting to include Outward Bound provided meals. Be in the main building, finished with breakfast, and ready to hand in forms and final payments by 7: WAFA class from 8: Continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided each day for those who have elected this option. Plan to stay until the evening.

Participants help themselves to breakfast before the course start time each morning. Redfoord is at noon. Dinner is at rx There may be evening activities or study groups. The WMA instructors set the course schedule and topics and any Frwe or absences must be discussed with them at your first convenience. The schedule is set by WMA instructor discretion and most days will be full, possibly tz into the evening. The WMA instructors will outline the course schedule during the first day. There is no advance preparation needed for the WAFA. The required texts are released about 30 days prior to the course. Accommodations Camping is available onsite at the Outward Bound base with an indoor restroom and shower facility.

If you are planning to stay at Outward Bound during your course you will need to bring your own camping gear including a tent, sleeping bag, pillow, and hygiene items. Campers and daily commuters will have access to a kitchen for food storage and meal preparation. Refrigerators, stoves, cooking utensils, etc. Maintenance of the VOBS community space, chores, and meal clean-up are completed by everyone using the facilities. Please expect to take part in these activities along with the other community members.

There are often evening study groups and optional practice sessions. Refunds are not im for cancellations less than 2-weeks before the course-start. After you've completed your paperwork, please email or fax it to: Old Set of Clothes for Simulations. These items may become quite dirty and possibly not survive the course. If possible, bring a back-up set. The Athlete Code of Conduct Agreement should be kept on file by the head coach or head of delegation. Volunteering with Special Olympics Texas Special Olympics Texas would not exist today and could not rsdford continued for more than 45 years without the time, energy, dedication, and commitment of tens of thousands of volunteers throughout the state of Texas.

Volunteer Expectations As a volunteer, you are expected to Fulfill the responsibility of your assignment: Carry out all aspects of your assignment. Attend all required meetings. Notify the volunteer coordinator if you cannot complete an assignment. Set an example for the athlete: Refrain from Ffee, consuming alcohol or using profanity when acting as gedford volunteer. Be discreet in your personal relationships with the athlete and avoid any behavior which may be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Be helpful tedford and supportive of everyone associated with Special Olympics. Support the decisions 78946 referees, judges and committees, and use proper dissent processes.

Be respectful rdford ceremonies and help your athletes be the same. Praise the athletes for their efforts and encourage them to be happy for the success of other athletes. Support and encourage other volunteers and staff. Be continually vigilant and cognizant of the safety of the athlete: Never leave an athlete unchaperoned. Be loyal to your commitment and to Special Olympics: Look for constructive ways to overcome obstacles. Take advantage of the opportunities Special Olympics offers you: Be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Become an active participant by extending your involvement to other roles of leadership and training. Volunteer Opportunities Become a certified coach or an assistant coach.

Use specific sports expertise to help set up sports clinics or Special Olympics Texas training schools. Train individuals with more severe handicaps through the Motor Activities Training Program. Become a trainer and hold training schools to train coaches and individuals interested in SOTX competitions. Competitions Become a certified competition director or a certified games director. Assist as a key volunteer. Organize special events, such as Athlete Village and Opening Ceremonies for the athletes. Act as a day-of-event volunteer in multiple capacities such as greeter, timer, stager, escort, statistics recorder, measurer, line judge, pit crew, ball runner, spotter and more.

Set up and support the event area for competition e. Recruit members of school sports teams to become certified Special Olympics coaches or officials. Conduct Special Olympics sports competitions or demonstrations during regular sports events. Make financial or in-kind donations as individuals or through a business. Conduct fund raising campaigns in schools or through a civic group, church or other organization. Name Special Olympics as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, will or employee payroll deduction. Make a donation, matching gift or memorial gift. If you're a state or federal employee, look for us during the charitable campaign: Become a clinical director for the Healthy Athletes program.

Make donations of goods, services or vital office supplies to local Special Olympics programs. Public Relations Provide strategic public relations assistance. Assist with implementing public relations initiatives for the organization. Assist with building media contacts statewide. Volunteer photography, graphic design or web design services. Administration Serve on chapter board of directors, President's Advisory Council, chapter or area committees. Help special education teachers or Special Olympics coaches prepare registration and medical forms.

Contribute general office help in SOTX offices e. Distribute materials for a Special Olympics event. Civic Groups Provide support for Special Olympics programs. Each class has its own roles and responsibilities within SOTX. Age Eligibility for Volunteers For most Class A volunteers, the minimum age to volunteer is 15 years old. The exceptions to this rule are head coaches, heads of delegation, bus drivers, key volunteers and chaperones, who all must be at least 18 years old to volunteer in these positions. Unified partners must be at least 8 years old for local competitions and 12 years old for state competitions.

Class A volunteers who volunteer for statewide competition must be at least 15 years old. Class B volunteers have a different age breakdown:

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