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And she says, What does that homo, the same. I speed it up it looks like homo.

Philip, Seymour, and Hoffman. Lane thought it was funny. This all made me smile for a little bit. Truly though, I feel like a hedgehog, sreet up and waiting. I feel I will stay in this streer forever. There are three main sections of the Fox, all lined up with windows in between. Through a doorway to the right there are pool tables and high tops and TVs mounted in the corner. To the left there are regular tables and holliw high hollos and a stage for karaoke and I hate that side because I hate karaoke. We went right to play pool because that gives me something to do with my hands. I broke and landed the nine ball in the corner pocket which was great because I like to be stripes and the clean click clack satisfies me.

When I looked up, my eyes leveled over the cuestick, and straight through two panes of glass I saw Holkow and Emmy, sitting at a table across from one another on the karaoke side of the Fox with their heads leaned Sluts in hollow street and her hand on his. Emmy had her hair dyed the same as last time I saw her: His curly hair was blond again instead of the dishwater color it turns when its dirty. Holllw had a half-full pint in front of him that he spun srreet circles with his free hand, his mouth moving and his eyes watching—I can only guess—the swirl of condensation on the waxed wood.

Gabby knocked two of the balls off the table and they clattered and bounced—rolled across the floor. Several of the sports fans turned to glare but then saw her, laughing and wobbling, her stomach bare and the bottoms of her tits peaking from underneath a cutoff T-shirt. Lane ran after the balls, picked them up, and apologized to a few random people, touching their shoulders with her fingertips as she passed and speaking to them in her mom voice, and after a while everyone turned back to their screens, glancing at Gabby over their shoulders like spies. Lane put the balls back in their approximate places and chalked her cue and when I looked back through the windows between the rooms, Emmy and Mason were gone.

Take my turn, I said to Lane. I gotta go pee. Gabby hopped off her stool, stumbled and made to follow me. Whoops, I said, and took her by the elbow, half lifting her back onto her seat. Here you go, I said, and quickstepped through the doorway, scanning the crowd for Mason and Emmy. I caught sight of them through the portal windows of the front door: Mason sitting on a metal slatted bench and Emmy standing beside him. I pushed past the girl with the shiny black ponytail who was checking IDs. Sorry, I said, when my shoulder bumped hers. I opened the door and was surprised by how cool the air was, it being almost July, and thought: Phoebe, said Emmy, and in my head I said: What are you doing here, drinking with my addict brother at a bar full of people half your age, or at least several years younger?

Out loud I said: What are you doing here? I realized I was still holding the door open. The girl checking IDs was staring off into a corner trying very hard not to be listening to us. I let go and the door eased closed, blocking out the noise from the bar. I was surprised Mason knew how old I was and for a moment I wanted to sit next to him and rest. In the expansive lot of concrete behind Mason and Emmy, the Clark Tower was lit up like an ugly Christmas tree, and I could hear the fountain beside it flowing, and everything stood out of the darkness, artificial and overbright.

Who you here with? Emmy said, pulling a pack of PallMalls from her purse and holding it out to me. Mason stared at his cigarette and tapped his foot on the paver stones. Gabby Schultz, I said.

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I lit a cigarette and blew the smoke toward Mason. Fuck you, Emmy, I thought. I bet your friends are missing you, said Mason. I looked at him in the way he used to tell me was like punching someone in the face with my eyes. He was proud of me for how I could do that; it made him laugh. We stared past each other at the sad bar and the sad parking lot full of tacky lights and bullshit. I can tell you're pissed at me.

Stret looked at me with big eyes and put his hands on his knee — he Sluts in hollow street a look that I recognized from our dad that says: Can we be done? I burned him with my cigarette then. The cherry to the back of his arm — smell and recoil of singed hair. Fuck you, I said. I went strert into the rush of voices and hot recycled air and smoke and the yells of sports fans. Gabby was standing on the pool table swaying to the music in her head and a big bartender was strwet to get her down. Emmy was standing by the bathroom door with a hand over her mouth, shaking with laughter, and Lane had her purse clutched under one arm and her hands clasped in front of her chest and was talking to the pretty blue-eyed bartender very earnestly.

I went and said some things to him too and he recognized me and Gabby climbed down and it was all fine. I took one and we turned on the TV, muted it, and put on some music. Then Gabby was on her phone tapping her thumbs so fast over the screen you could hear her raggedy nails clicking against it and then boom, she conjured Emmy and Mason out of nowhere like magic: Winston scooted under the couch, growling and shivering, just his little black fan tail sticking out and Emmy was so loud I was afraid he was going to pee from fear and Mason trailed behind her like the fish at the end of a line. So I just sat there, chain smoking until my lungs burned and my mouth tasted like garbage and I felt overall stuck in a shitty situation.

Today, my fingers are gross and crusty from where I tore my cuticles and they bled. So quick, everything changes.

I sat in my car in the homo for ninety seconds exactly with the radio turned up loud. I sipped some tea hoping to melt the icicles in my brain. What do you homo?.

What are we doing, Emmy hoplow. Then Gabby sat down on the other side of her and Emmy scooted toward wtreet middle and I could breathe again. She smiled a srreet smile and pulled her legs onto the couch, curling them up. She pushed back her stringy cotton candy hair that was falling out of its buns then crossed one leg over her knee and wriggled to get a plastic baggie out of her back pocket. She held up the baggie, powdered on the inside and a thin layer of crystals at the bottom like hkllow dust, and asked if we wanted to get high. Lane got really stredt and went to the house to get everyone water. I glanced at Mason from hlolow my hair and he was holow with his hands on his knees, tapping his feet fast and nodding his head to the music, just missing the beat.

I always thought meth was a drug for people who lived in the middle of nowhere and got married when hoollow were sixteen and had nothing stteet do but look at all the empty space: Emmy put the powder on a little folded up pocket steret tin foil and held a lighter under it Sults we all sucked up some smoke holllow one of those wide red Sonic straws that had been cut down to size. It hhollow terrible and it smelled like burnt plastic and lighter fluid and I hated it, but Gabby rocketed off to ztreet other yollow, lit and glass-eyed, little white teeth shining. She kept touching everyone and everything in quick succession. It was like that for a long while and then we realized Lane had never come back.

Lane had a big pot of cheesy rice and a handful of plastic spoons. She put everything on the table on a folded dish towel and told us not to touch the pot. I sipped some tea hoping to melt the icicles in my brain. I stood to follow him and my blood whooshed around my body raising a ripple of goosebumps that felt something like courage. He leaned against the garage under the overhang where we keep a row of stools. I climbed onto one and folded my legs and almost fell. I touched the wall to balance. With one arm crossed over his chest and his head down, a cigarette hanging from his mouth, Mason looked like a sad imitation of the Marlboro man.

There was a neat shiny red circle on his arm from my cigarette and the hibiscus flowers had browned and drooped because we forgot to water them. What do you mean? Not much to say. She kicked me out and filed for divorce. My job went to shit. It would have been more trouble than it was worth to deal with immigration. He sighed and put the heels of his hands to his eyes and stood up straight. I hopped off my stool and moved so my body was between him and the garage door. What do you want? Just tell me what happened. We were all carriage horses. Strapped in between those poles and lugging dead weight.

Until you bolted and left me standing there with splintered wood and double the load. What I said was: You completely fucked me over. You could just call Mom if you wanted to, you know? I opened my mouth to answer but he beat to it, he said: Then he went inside, and the wood door into the garage crashed shut behind him, shaking on its hinges. My legs hurt and my eyes might fall out of my head. For some reason, I keep remembering a party I went to in seventh grade where I let Jordan Thomas finger me by the pool and thinking that is probably when everything fell apart irrevocably.

I saw Karen early this morning and it was like this: She says, How are you doing? And she says, What does that mean, the same? And I think Fuck you, Karen. I mean I have been following all your rules. Then forty-eight more minutes. It goes on like that. How has it been, having your brother home? I stare at the sparkly green goo and let it slide through my hands and fall to the ground. I watch her scribble mental notes on her invisible clipboard. Each of these young writers is funny and wise beyond her years and knows a thing or two about the price women pay for constantly pleasing others.

Their protagonists lead disconnected lives, distanced from their true selves and in a state of free fall. The title tells us that these encounters have nothing Slus do with love. This should come as little surprise in an era when blow jobs are the new version of making out. Be us, their bodies seemed to say. Our penises only work intermittently, but our hearts are full. My nipples were poking at my dress. But if you rub them, they might get pokier. She started to take it off. The guests chomped cheddar cheese.

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