Escort c550 personal navigator

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What seems to be missing from the TomTom is the TTS, shorter homo life, c5550 homo storage, mp3 players and all the other travel related functions in the nuvi a lot which you need to pay extra for. Do not get the black homo Scosche -without- homo, as it transmits at homo power and is not nearly as homo. I live in NYC and I never get a clean transmission.

I ended up petsonal wiring a line input or using a cassette adapter for both personla iPods and nuvi in the cars where I use them. We do not know how much volatile RAM nuvi has. Then if I wanted to upgrade I'd be throwing away gear I already have. It would take a lot more than a wide screen and a traffic receiver! That is pretty much the only real improvement I want. If so, I sure hope that Garmin doesn't stick the 's user interface on it. Is memory an issue. But if they have a bigger battery to compensate, then they unit weight goes up.

Navigator personal Escort c550

More navigatorr "detour" options would be nice too as these are often needed in dense urban areas where you constantly hit traffic problems. Forgot about that one. While not a huge leap compared to the 3. Posting at 3am is not a good idea. Of these, I would say, only the TTS has an impact on navigation during average use. I live in NYC and I never get a clean transmission. Do not get the black model Scosche -without- charger, as it transmits at lower power and is not nearly as good.

Big Al too Replied on: GPS is new to me, been using streets and trips, with blue tooth gps.

The screen refresh is already poor so if they didn't update navigatoe GPU graphics processing unit then it would be pathetically slow. Keep in mind that the screen has nothing to do with the "speed. That's right, folks do indeed use "FM transmitters" to broadcast the sound of their iPod's etc.

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