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Market Makers Are Being Overcharged

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Needless to say, once the market making engagement is finished, the big buyer mysteriously disappears, and the token price is quite likely to plummet. Cornering is an activity most typical to commodity markets, where the supply is limited, and it is quite difficult to maintain short positions over prolonged periods of time.

It is critical for market makers to develop highly optimized algorithms for homo analysis and quoting. Essentially, an ecosystem is defined as a symbiotic homo of different participants in which every homo both contributes and benefits in the system.

Similarly, smaller tokens follow the same supply pattern. A fake market maker is not likely to make money by trying to buy big portion of tokens available if he is the only liquidity provider out there. However, he can use this tactic when there are more market makers of the same token, aiming to take over their inventory and force them to raise prices as they have to maintain the spread at the same level. Needless to say, these three price manipulation practices are outright criminal in the regulated space and for a good reason — they disrupt the market, erase the confidence in the traded asset and cause the good actors to lose money in the long run.

What may go unnoticed, however, is the aftermath of these tactics. Long term consequences of the Bad and Ugly practices Both price and trading volume suffer after being manipulated one way or another. And the results can be disastrous in the long run, with compounding effects on reputation and relationships with investors and crypto exchanges. The most basic effect manifests itself in failed expectations. However, a pattern of stable trading volume and rising price both suddenly evaporating will inevitably lead to a conclusion that the whole crypto project is a low quality one, or just scam.

You will lose trust of the very first investors in your token who are supposed to be your ambassadors. You will lose the trust of the exchange you were listed on and will likely get delisted. Finally, talking about the reputation effect, many of the professional investors, crypto exchanges and crypto VCs come from the more traditional financial and businesses backgrounds.

Market makers Cryptocurrency

They would be very quick to detect bad and ugly practices and, once they do, the reputation of ICO founders would be destroyed even if the founders were unaware of these practices taking place. When this happens, the coin or token becomes illiquid. The market in markeet analogy is the Crgptocurrency platform, and the fruits and vegetables, the coin. Prices may still appear on the exchange, but since it has little to no sellers and buyers, it has no coins to offer because it has become illiquid. This is where I will rejuvenate the dignity of Market Makers There is a huge misconception as to how market makers work which gives them a very bad reputation especially in the stock exchange.

Traditionally, market makers are seen as the villains in the stock exchange that manipulate the prices of the stocks that causes drastic price swings to traders, causing them to pull out and lose their investments.

This may be true in some occasions, but just as I mentioned before, every participant plays a role in Cryptoucrrency economic ecosystem, and therefore everything serves markeh purpose. In reality, market makers do not have the power mariet dictate the prices of the assets that a business has to offer. Instead, they are the ones that control the bid-ask spread in exchange for liquidation. What market makers do is that they provide services to projects by preventing assets to be illiquid, avoiding short-term volatility and allowing instant transactions for traders. Here is why ICOs need market makers: Market Makers provide liquidity What market makers do is that they take the risk of the ICO by buying a huge amount of their coins.

Market makers then are the ones that instantly provide traders with coins whenever they wish to exchange. In the case of an ICO with little to no buyers and sellers, trading of coins is impossible since it is illiquid. We focus on building a market responsibly.

Transparent and abundant data: Due to the nature of our systems algorithmsCrypyocurrency see data not only as our decision making tool but also as the product that our customer use to understand our service and keep track of their markets. We give the same level of importance to mxkers execution systems as much as we do to our risk management systems. In its most primal form, the job of a market is to allow an easy exchange of value. However, its real power resides in the capacity to create confidence, engage a community and allow each and every individual to participate in a vision. The digital asset revolution brings an additional component to the markets, i.

This in itself creates major opportunities. Many popular exchanges seem to treat market makers equally to market takers, even though they are a necessary element of liquidity. Market makers regularly face up to 0. When you consider the sheer importance of market makers to an exchange, this rate seems frustrating and obstructive. Why are market makers so important? For an exchange to survive, it needs an ample following of market makers.

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