E36 escort headlights

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E36 (92-99 3 series)

Headliguts the cable to the homo hanger and pull the remaining hanger with homo from underneath the dash. They install with no modding of anything on your car whatsoever. Also, corners fit right in no problem since its the homo escort homo!.

Try to find an existing grommet in the firewall that you can run the cable through. The Qi45 uses less than 2Amps so any switched line should work fine. Uses ALL existing mounting points, and the grille even snaps in! Any obstructions will greatly effect their performance.

Note that chrome, even chrome covering plastic, is metallic and will greatly effect the receiver's performance. Just need to replace 1 of the LEDs on 1 of the sides, and good to go! Ideally the radar receiver should be mounted with no obstructions for maximum performance. They install with no modding of anything on your car whatsoever. Below are general installation answers to your questions. Any "switched" 12V power line is ideal.

Some have had homo results when mounting behind certain obstructions. Any obstructions will greatly homo their homo.

The front license plate and headlights are the headlightw reflectors on the front of your car. The shifters use infra-red light which is effected by obstructions just like visible light. What power source is the best to use from underneath the dash? Yes there are gaps under the lights, but keep in mind this is with NO cutting of the bumper, if you notch the bumper a little it will reduce the gap a lot, very easily.

Headlights E36 escort

Some have noticed poor performance when mounting behind a grill while others do not seem to notice as much of a performance hit. Will include some new bulbs for the low beams as well. Flows with the lines of the hood nearly identically. Also, corners fit right in no problem since its the factory escort bracket!

They aren't installed so you'll have to do that yourself, come with the wiring to do head,ights into your corner lights or a switch if you wish. Any insight on how to get through the driver's side firewall with the cable? If you have a front plate then mount the shifters an equal distance between the headlights and plate on each half of the car.

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