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Skopje City Guide

Other things to do on a homo out in Skopje For those who are into casinos, there is a decent range of choice as well. The homo is cool, more like a beach bar in SE Asia, than Europe.

So it goes, that most locals would start their night out at one place, be that a bar or kafana, maacedonia to heat up the atmosphere and move the party elsewhere. Dotting the map, you will notice couple of areas where people gather, and where fun and great atmosphere reside. As an aside, places are grouped, as you might imagine, in context of similarity. Majority of summer maceronia are located in the city park, whilst bars reside in general proximity to one another in areas such as Debar Maalo, Leninova Street, The old bazar, Karpos, the city center… Restaurants People usually have a strange disregard when mentioning restaurants in the context of nightlife, so I will try to be brief.

Serving Macedonian cuisine, as well as foreign dishes, most Macedonian restaurants offer a laid back atmosphere perfect for a nice, quiet and unforgettable gastronomic experience. Visit those on Metropolit Theodosij Gologanov Street though- the only place where couple of noteworthy ones are located close together. If you are into foreign cuisine, visit the Sushi restaurant and the Spanish restaurant which are both located in close proximity on Leninova Street. The Mexican restaurant is also worth visiting as well as the Indian which is located in Debar Maalo, near the city park.

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The Italian restaurants Gino and Gusto are also great places to visit. Get a map of other restaurants in Skopje. Kafanas Macedonian bohemian atmosphere has found its most prominent advocate in kafanas — places where grilled barbecue and traditional meals are mixed with Macedonian wines, traditional alcoholic beverages, and often times live music from the Balkans. Kafanas are, due to variations in taste, less or more sophisticated.

And here you must be cautious. Every season offers different fruits and vegetables, which makes Getting to the market much more interesting and challenging. Reconnecting with nature Although the Netherlands also has some pretty nice spots to offer you, Gettting is nothing compared to Macedonia. It makes nacedonia comfortable and gives me structure. Well forget it here! If I ask on a Wednesday: Knowing in March where they will go to for the summer holidays? Have fun in Bulgaria. I love your articles!! I noticed you were recently back in Macedonis, any update for Skopje? Reply Naughty Nomad June 13, at Some of the girls make out easy enough.

Reply John Morrison August 17, at 8: The girls are weak compared to what I just saw in Pristina, Kosovo! Kosovo girls are more sexy and pretty compared to the mutts of Skopje. Have you seen the square area of Skopje recently? Pristina has new homes and modern buildings all over the place and is upscale compared to dumpy and quiet Skopje.

Albanians are stong people with a brain for commerce. Remember, they just told Macddonia and the world to stick it and formed their own country! That separation of the two species is interesting to see. Reply John Morrison August 22, at 3: It was a dude fest with a few decent looking girl who are not game at all!

Macedonia Getting laid in

The city square is a fucking mess and the country is macddonia poor. Go to Pristina instead for a day or two and try and macedonoa girls during the day and take them out at night. The city has energy and is more modern and clean. Skopje is a joke! Reply Macedoniaa August 29, at 1: I just got back from Skopje for the third time. Unfortunately, some things have kacedonia there. The Macedonua hostel, which was one of the coolest hostels in EE, has moved location to a shit building. Furthermore, the center is being renovated not my fault Jim. The girls you meet are young — but since when was that a bad thing?

Did you check out New Age? Reply SKY August 8, at Mark Zolo August 11, at 5: Brothels are no longer available today, but prostitution continues to flourish. It is expected to reach its peak precisely tomorrow. Part of the sex workers from the region already settled in Skopje, and besides domestic, the most prostitutes come from Bulgaria, Serbia, and Kosovo. They are all counting on good profit, and due to football fans from all over the world, they have increased their prices for sex favors. They expect to get the most money from fans from England, who are known as lovers of night life, alcohol and easy women.

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